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Energy + Bodywork


Let our in-home body treatments be the highlight of your postpartum experience​​

  • FOUR visits (each 2 to 2.5 hours long) specifically tailored to supporting you, physically and emotionally, in the first three weeks, including:

    • custom-blended, soothing herbal tub soak 

    • energy balancing massage with organic coconut oil, aromatherapy and heat packs

    • belly wrap

    • postpartum wellness tea

  • Third Trimester consultation session 

  • Comprehensive evidence-based tips for a happy and healthy delivery and postpartum

  • Additional hours may be added on as desired ($50/hr)



A la Carte Pricing for Postpartum Services      

*Single Mama Spa Visit: $300 for a single 2 to 2.5-hour session (described above)  

*Initial Visit for In-Home Postpartum Massage: $250 (regular massage pricing applies after the first visit) 

Every family deserves a restful, healthy and abundantly satisfying "fourth trimester." The truth is that appreciating the beauty of any experience is hard when you're sleep deprived, physically hurting, hormonal and perhaps feeling stressed out amidst all the change.  By mindfully planning for the special self-care needs of body, mind and soul in this demanding gateway season, you invest in getting the most out of the crucial window for spontaneous healing and recovery after giving birth.  You also make the most of your precious early days with baby, setting the stage for a lifetime of enhanced health, balance, and shared joy together.

As a Postpartum Doula and Massage Therapist, Christie:

  • Visits your home to provide consultation and personal services on-site

  • Works with you to create and implement a postpartum wellness plan 

  • Customizes and provides holistic care and comfort measures during pregnancy and postpartum to speed healing and recovery

  • Can offer and prepare nourishing, traditional recipes and teas known to encourage hormonal balance and milk supply, elimination of excess fluid, regeneration of tissue and restoration of prepregnancy homeostasis

  • Honors and aids in emotionally processing the experiences of pregnancy, birth and the day-to-day adjustments after giving birth

  • Provides guidance on bonding measures and instruction in infant massage 

  • Affirms and empowers your parenting choices

  • Brings a wealth of experience and training (and professional referrals for further support if needed), on infant care and feeding, partner and sibling adjustment

  • Offers relief with infant and sibling care relief to allow mom to rest.

Holistic treatments and bodywork available during visits includes:

  • Restorative hands-on, energy-balancing bodywork 

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Crystal and magnetic healing

  • Guided meditation 

  • Herbal tub soaks and sitz baths

  • Warm herbal compresses

  • Supportive hip and belly wrapping

  • Shoulder and foot massage

  • Essential oil aromatherapy

  • Preparation of nutritious food and beverages tailored to supporting postpartum wellness


Benefits of postpartum doula support and massage therapy include:

  • Lower rates of postpartum depression and anxiety (and reduction of symptoms if present)

  • Relief of physical discomfort 

  • Improved hormonal balance 

  • Improved oxygen flow, circulation within the body, and elimination

  • Increased bonding with baby  

  • Greater family harmony

  • Reduced fatigue, stress and anxiety

  • Increased success with breastfeeding

  • Enhanced enjoyment of time spent on maternity leave



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