Everything around us is made up of and radiates energy.  This includes our bodies, which have subtle channels of energy running through them, known as meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These streams are influenced by daily stress, our thoughts and our environment, and as women we face special energetic demands during our monthly cycles, while conceiving, bearing, feeding and caring for our children, and during menopause.  When our energetic flow is obstructed, we feel out of balance and can experience physical pain, muscle tension, irritability and anxiety.  More than a massage, energy balancing is a time-tested, hands-on body therapy that aims to gently restore your energetic life force to its optimal level through the healing power of touch. With your energy centers balanced and free-flowing, you will feel fluidity in the body and find greater emotional equilibrium.


What to Expect: I offer my massage therapy sessions exclusively for women's wellness, prenatal, postpartum and fertility support, in the comfort of your home.  Using touch of varying pressure, I release tension from your muscles, simultaneously relaxing your psyche and clearing and aligning your chakras and energetic field.  I incorporate myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, essential oil and sound to further aid in releasing any mental/emotional root underlying your physical symptoms.  You will feel deeply soothed throughout the treatment and get up feeling greater levity, clarity and physical well being. 

How it Works: Similar to massage (I think of it as a "massage, plus"), this treatment activates the body's natural self-healing ability and supports hormonal balance, reducing cortisol and increasing oxytocin and other feel-good hormones.  It offers complementary benefits to sister mind-body practices, including meditation and yoga.  It is gentle, safe and effective in supporting your overall health and well being, enhancing your body's natural immunity and detoxification process by stimulating lymphatic circulation, as well as enhancing blood flow and promoting healthy sleep.  With evidence-based research confirming the positive healing results known to Eastern cultures for centuries, massage therapy and energy work are recognized today as valuable integrative therapies increasingly offered through established health care providers to complement and enhance traditional Western medicine (for example, at Northwestern Medicine's Osher Center).


Pricing for In-Home Massage:


$185/seventy-five minutes

$205/ninety minutes 

*Save $50 When you Buy a Package of Three

*Gratuity is Not Expected.

*Initial Visit for Postpartum Massage: $230 for 90-minutes with customized bolstering, gentle heat, organic oils and aromatherapy. After the first visit, regular pricing applies.


For more information on postpartum services please click HERE


*Pricing is applicable to most locations within the City of Chicago on the north and west side; certain locations may require an additional fee for travel and/or parking.  Please reach out with any questions!



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