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Energy + Bodywork


Give your baby the gift of massage! As a certified infant massage instructor, I teach parents a therapeutically based sequence of massage strokes shown to promote neurological development and healthy weight gain in babies, ease gas and constipation, reduce fussiness, improve sleep and facilitate bonding.  It's easy to learn and it's fun!  Many parents enjoy massage as way to actively engage with even the tiniest newborn, while simultaneously honing their skills in reading baby's nonverbal cues.  Massage may be integrated into a soothing bedtime routine to reconnect and help improve sleep, and it may be practiced throughout the day to soothe or relieve discomfort, or simply as a part of playtime.  Many parents find that giving a massage to their baby has a similarly relaxing effect as receiving a massage! 


Massage is appropriate for babies and children of all ages, including preemies and infants with special needs; many parents find that it is best suited to not-yet-mobile babies.  Some parents even learn baby massage before the birth in order to begin practicing right away. Book a session today to get started learning this loving, ancient practice. 


Pricing: $145 per two hour session at your home or on Zoom.

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