Christie is passionate about supporting women through compassionate care and the healing power of touch, with a special interest in helping new, expecting and trying-to-conceive moms experience their maternity season to its fullest. As a licensed massage therapist specializing in fertility support, prenatal and postpartum care, as well as a reiki master, infant massage instructor, DONA-trained postpartum doula and mom of three, Christie became aware of a practically universal, unmet need among new moms for adequate self-care in the demanding weeks preceding and following childbirth- when we most need a very special kind of relief and nourishment that may not be widely accessible in today's culture.  Christie has specifically designed her unique offerings to meet this need, marrying the gentle, healing properties of energy balancing massage with time honored holistic healing arts from around the world.  It would be an honor and a pleasure to support you throughout this awesome and tender life season.


Betsy believes that pregnancy and birth can be a sacred and transformative time for women. The beauty of growing a human being parallels the growth of a woman into motherhood.  Betsy believes pregnancy and birth provides women the first lesson in motherhood through teaching patience, letting go of control, listening to intuition, finding one’s own voice and advocating for your child. 


Betsy is a “toLabor” trained birth doula, “Yogaview” certified (85-hour intensive) prenatal yoga instructor and mother of two. As a birth doula, Betsy’s main focus is to honor and protect the space for both the mother and partner during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after the birth.  Betsy’s goal is to support, comfort, inform, listen and advocate for the expectant woman to ensure she feels respected, supported and empowered throughout her experience. Although the job of the midwife or doctor is to make sure the baby is safely delivered and healthy, the job of the doula is to create a calming and safe space for the mother and her partner to do “the dance” together.  Betsy strongly believes in providing tools and comfort measures to the partner so he or she can be a more active participant and integral part of the birth. 


Betsy feels honored and humbled every time she is invited to be a part of the miracle that is birth! 


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